About Us

Olga's Team

Olga's Cheese is a family owned and run business. Olga and the family started the business in 1991, and were joined by Alberto when he was born in 1992, when he did his first bazaar at six weeks old.

After a lifetime as a part of Olga's Cheese, Alberto now helps Olga run the online Olga's Cheese store, with Olga going to the Bazaars.

Olga's Story

Olga was working on the cheese farm in Holland when in 1991 an opportunity crossed her path. Several people refused to take a chance, finding it too difficult and complicated. But not Olga. She packed her van with the cheese she'd been making, and drove, for the first time, to a military installation in Germany.


That what started as a big adventure ended up being a life's passion. Selling cheese to the brave and kind people of the military proved rewarding in itself. Throughout many years, beautiful memories piled up in what became a life entire.

Now, in the ever-changing world, Olga is still as spirited as ever, and has taken Olga's cheese to a new level, in the online-age.