Orders < €20 -  €8

Small orders are charged €8 for shipping ( + €3 for IT, and UK).

Orders > €20 -  €4

Middle sized orders are charged €4 for shipping ( + €3 for IT, and UK).

Orders > €35 -  FREE SHIPPING

Larger orders are not charged for shipping ( + €3 for IT, and UK).


United States of America

We take on 20% of shipping cost to the US, so that  you can still affordably get your cheese over the Atlantic, to your doorstep! 

We ship with DHL

At Olga's Cheese, we ship all our packages with DHL. Whether on the road, in the air, or indeed, on the water, DHL has a proven track record of reliability, which we value very highly. There are several advantages to DHL's services.

  • DHL has an extensive network of distribution centers close to airports, allowing them to fly our cheese around the world autonomously. 
  • It's very important to us that our cheese arrives at your home in perfect condition. DHL has a very high standard of handling the goods they transport, making them a logical match for our idea of quality.
  • DHL offers excellent online services, allowing the customer to keep track of the shipment at any time. We have also worked with DHL to integrate our website with their services, ensuring the correct handling of all shipping information.

Shipping to the USA

Shipping overseas is only possible using DHL Express. This service will get your cheese to you in just a few business days! DHL express uses a lot of it's own infrastructure for international transport, and is astoundingly quick!

DHL Parcel

For many European countries and Great Britain shipping can be done with DHL Parcel. This is a road transport service, and is less costly than DHL Express, which uses air transport. It does, however, take some days longer than the Express service.

No shipping option?

Should your location not appear as a shipping location in the calculator (on the CART or CHECKOUT pages), don't worry! We have set up shipping for many places, and will add yours if you need us to! Just send us a quick message, and we'll get your cheese to your doorstep!